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Welcome to Manu Studios - Your place for mastering, mixing and recording. 
Get your first impressions of the studio and our work below. Check out the latest updates on Instagram or just drop by the studio in Cologne for a delicious coffee.
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At Manu Studios, we strive to create a unique and inspiring atmosphere for all artists.
Our cozy and stylish live room is a spacious area equipped with vintage instruments - ideal for recordings, rehearsals and more.
The heart of the studio is the control room, which is equipped with carefully selected analogue and digital tools. Individually designed and optimized acoustics by Konrad Schubert Audio & Acoustics in combination with the ATC monitoring to create a pristine listening environment for artists, producers and engineers. 

Photography © Mathias Schmitt


Hi! My name is Manu Schlindwein

I'm a mastering and mixing engineer with many years of experience. 


No matter if established or upcoming, the artist is the center of my approach to audio engineering: I connect with the artist’s vision, use my skills to transform it into a great sounding record and enable the listener to get fully immersed. 


In order to create unique sounds and textures, I developed my own audio equipment, such as The Orca bay MT-E.8012 by Manultec

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